Joan's a Keeper Room & Linen Spray in multiple scents

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Refresh your room or your linens with a delicate mist of fragrance. Made with essential oils and pure water, this light scent mist neutralizes stale air and keeps your home smelling fresh.

How to Use: Lightly spritz your bed linens, curtains, sofa, or the air for a burst of delicious fragrance. That's better.


  • The natural way to delicately scent your home
  • Neutralizes stale and unpleasant smells
  • Instantly freshens linens, curtains, and even the sofa without toxic ingredients
  • 4 fl oz


  • Honey Hill Woods: the earthy, piney scent of a hike in the forest.
  • Warm Honey: the scent of pure sweetness that wafts off the hives in the summertime.
  • Clean Rain: the crisp, refreshing smell of the season’s first downpour.


  • Essential Oils: Pure plant oils like bergamot, jasmine, and sage that create a wholesome scent experience.
  • Pure Water: Helps dilute and carry the oils so that they disperse evenly into the air.

Water, a blend of Joan's natural Essential Oils