Who We Are

Owners Terry Shea & Sarah Brown 

Wrapsody is a unique and trendy gift shop that truly celebrates the joy of giving! In August of 2004, Wrapsody's first location opened in the heart of Hoover, Alabama. Owners Sarah Brown and Terry Shea created the stores with a "celebration of giving" being at the very core of their evolution. 
Wrapsody all started from a girls lunch date between Sarah and Terry and a desire from both to bring a cute and trendy gift shop to the Hoover community. Wrapsody quickly became a family affair with Sarah and Terry's husbands, Drew and John, helped bring friends together to have a paint party! The same trend continued with the opening of the Auburn location in downtown Auburn, right next to campus!

The name Wrapsody is a take on the work "rhapsody" which means enthusiasm, ecstasy, rapture, bliss and joy, all of which went into the creation of this special store,
The fun, signature gift-wrap represents the name & love for giving.  Lime green, black and white gift-wrap will make an already spectacular gift even more special! 
hank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy your Wrapsody experience &
return to us for you gift needs again and again.
Created by Friends and Sustained by Friends.
Here are some other lines that we carry in the stores! 
If you are looking for some of these products, please call us and we are happy to assist you over the phone.