Piper & Leaf Capri Cream Tea

Piper & Leaf Capri Cream Tea Muslin Bag

Creamy nectar beginning, burst of pineapple, sweet citrus finish

Description by Piper & Leaf Tea Co:
Winter’s demise invites the birth of Spring. Bravely rebuking the spring frost, fully-ripened, harvested, and dried local persimmons melt seamlessly into this palate-pleasing nectar, anchored by a delightfully milky oolong tea. Curled and twisted into small balls for hibernation, the brewed oolong unfurls with the sunshine into a tea so sweet, smooth, and refreshing you’ll want to take it for all your hibernation-ending needs. Say hello to the sun, to endless spring, to Capri Cream.

Milk Oolong Tea, Persimmon, Orange Rind, Lemon Rind, Chamomile, Lime Leaves, Apple, Pineapple, Spearmint, Lemon & Blood Orange Oils.

(This tea is steamed by a time-honored process using milk, as a result., it does contain a small amount of dairy.)
Brew at 180 degrees for 5 minutes
*Contains locally picked produce

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